708. Muggleborns complaining about having to go to the Apple store and purebloods wondering if muggles have a different store for every fruit.

Hufflepuff Struggles

You instantly get a look of ‘…ew, really?’image

People think you’re not being serious.image

You’re suddenly less kick-ass in the eyes of your Slytherin friends.image

You get linked to this video. Every. Damn. Time. image

Everyone expects you to find their shit.image

You also hear “What the HELL is a Hufflepuff” more often than you care to count.


You have to list off any noteworthy Hufflepuffs in order to make your house sound cooler.


No matter what you say, your friends will still think Hufflepuff sucks.


You’re always trying to explain how Hufflepuff has the best qualities of every house.


People think you’re in the “leftovers” house.image

When you tell people that Hufflepuff has an adorable name in French (Poufsouffle), people think it’s even more terrible.image

You have to constantly remind people that honey badgers don’t give a crap.

Yellow and black don’t go with ANYTHING.image

Whenever you DO where yellow and black people just think you’re a sports fan from Pittsburgh.image

Every true Hufflepuff you know tries to say that they’re really a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw hybrid. No, HuffleClaw is NOT a thing. Nor is a Gryffinpuff, or a Slytherpuff.


When your Slytherin friends have kids they say things like “Man, I really hope my boys aren’t Hufflepuffs”


But in the end, you know that you and your fellow Hufflepuffs will always be unrecognized BAMFs.


World Cup prediction: Ireland will win but krum will catch the snitch

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